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We recognize and understand technology provides tools designed to help supervising officers and agencies perform their job better. For this reason, we are committed to providing the highest quality, most dependable monitoring service, hardware, and software to better support the daily responsibilities of supervising agents and/or agencies.​

Defendant GPS Monitoring

We provide the best defendant monitoring GPS systems on the market with the best prices around. Our technology is dependable, robust, and cutting-edge. Check out some of our products:

  • House Arrest Monitors and Applications
  • GPS Monitors and Application
  • Alcohol Monitors and Applications
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Alcohol Monitoring

  • Best Prices
  • Reliable Readings
  • Verfication System

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Download our free mobile app complete with panic button and check in features. If you get arrested you'll be able to let us know by touching one button. Then we'll begin the process of bailing you out of jail.

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